Respect the Speaker

Since the launch of Destiny, there has been a lot of debate relating to what or whom the Speaker is, and what powers he really has. Some in the lore community have made videos presenting evidence to support the theory that the Speaker is a fraud. I am here to

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Farewell Destiny 1

I just wanted to take a moment to bid a final farewell to Destiny 1 and all the successes and challenges therein. Destiny is the first video game whose story hooked me. I had never played an fps before, and if you ask my clan I probably still haven't. They

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The Fallen Language

Why Keep a Dog and Bark Yourself?

They say that to destroy an enemy, you should understand them as they do. Beyond tactics and arsenal, beyond the mask and the smoke: what motivates them? Their desires, beliefs, frustrations. Fire may win battles, but knowledge can end war.

It is therefore

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