The Ishtar Collective Discord server is home to some of the best and weirdest emoji I have ever seen, and all of them have been submitted by our wonderful community.

Ishtar Emoji

In the interest of continuing this long and proud tradition, we are running a competition.

We want you (yes you) to submit your designs for Destiny Lore-themed emoji, henceforth called LOREMOJI.

We’ll judge all of the submitted Loremoji, and the ones that we think are the best and/or the funniest will win prizes.

What are these prizes?

Your Guardian drawn by adulture

We’ve worked with the amazing Mengmeng Liu, aka adulture, on a few occasions in the past, and they have kindly agreed to draw a Guardian portrait for one of our lucky winners.

adulture's portfolio

Gift card for the platform of your choice worth $100

A gift card on Steam, PSN or Xbox Live for the value of $100 (or close to that amount if we have to buy it in a different currency).

$100 voucher for the Ishtar Collective store

Think of all the lore T-shirts and posters you could get! Just think!! You could even get a mug!

How do I enter?

Submit your designs to our Loremoji competition site. You can enter as many times as you like.

Any other rules I should know about?

The rules are

Best of luck, I can’t wait to see everyone’s submissions!


Founder of the Ishtar Collective