Hey everyone. We’ll keep it short and simple. April Fools needs more time to become exactly what we want it to be, so we’re moving its release date to May 1, 2024.

April Fools is the culmination of the first ten years of Ishtar Collective tomfoolery and, for lore nerds everywhere, countless hours spent arguing about whether Rasputin shot the Traveler. We want to honor that journey, so we’re taking the time we need to deliver an even bigger and bolder vision, one that we hope will be remembered and treasured for weeks to come. 

We know you’re eager to get your hands on April Fools. In that sense, delays aren’t fun. For our part, we are excited to have the extra time needed to bring our vision for April Fools to life for all of you. We’re looking forward to sharing much more in April, including all-new fools, to showcase the significant silliness currently in development. 

Thanks for reading and for being on this journey with us.

- baxter


Founder of the Ishtar Collective