In March we started a Loremoji Competition, where we asked people to submit their designs for emoji for the Ishtar Collective Discord, and we offered some nice prizes.

On April 1st, due to events outside of our control, emoji appeared all over the site. Also we somehow added reactions to the site. What followed was 48 hours of madness as we did our best to roll back the changes. But while those changes were live, a lot of people seemed to enjoy them.

Now that the dust has settled, we can get back to the competition.

The quality of the submissions was very impressive. Judges were asked to vote on each submission, ranking them based on the overall quality of the submission. While there were a lot of really high quality emojis submitted, there were also some clear winners!

First place – Bees with “*Sigh* Indeed” and “Crow-moji”

The two submissions in the top spot were both by Bees – “*Sigh* Indeed” and “Crow-moji”. We really loved the way that Bees was able to capture a number of our favorite Destiny characters!

Bees actually submitted 5 emojis in total and we really liked all of them.

Second place – Marly with “Ratman Drifter”

We really liked the quality of “Ratman Drifter” by Marly.

Third place – faerie_flower with “::D”

faerie_flower submitted a lot of lovely entries, but we especially liked “::D”, or “four eyes” as I have been referring to it.

Runners up









Thank you

Thank you so much to everyone who took part, and congratulations to the three winners! It was a really fun competition and I hope we can do another one in the future.


Founder of the Ishtar Collective