Hello! Welcome to Errata, a Destiny lore blog published by the Ishtar Collective.

PurpleChimera, normalnorman and myself (and our friends!) spend a lot of time thinking, talking, and writing about Destiny lore. A lot of that work ends up in the Ishtar Collective’s Archive, but some of it just doesn’t belong there.

Equally there is a lot of fantastic research done by the lore community that we would love to document somewhere but, due to the nature of the Archive, it would feel out of place there.

Errata is our attempt to solve this problem. Our goal is to create a space for collecting interesting, well-researched theories, ideas and observations about the world of Destiny, to provide background and insight for future lore researchers.

So now the Ishtar Collective will exist in three parts:

  1. The Archive — which will continue as it has done, tracking resources from Destiny the game, such as Grimoire Cards, Items and Mission/Strike Transcripts, (and whatever else Destiny 2 comes up with to replace Grimoire Cards), and where we also maintain evidence-based summaries of our categories for quick and easy understanding of various subjects.
  2. The Commons — our forum, where the lore community can interact, ask questions, discuss ideas and collaborate on projects, like our transcripts project.
  3. Errata — our blog, where we will highlight interesting theories and detailed research, whether about individual characters, items, events, or about broad topics that span multiple concepts in the Destiny universe.

I really hope that you enjoy the content that we have lined up for the blog over the next few weeks.


Founder of the Ishtar Collective