I just wanted to take a moment to bid a final farewell to Destiny 1 and all the successes and challenges therein. Destiny is the first video game whose story hooked me. I had never played an fps before, and if you ask my clan I probably still haven’t. They are forever waiting for me to read the flavor text of every single item I pick up, and simultaneously explaining for the 87th time what different perks do because I still have NO IDEA what I’m doing.

People are always asking what my favorite piece of lore is, and typically I give the cop-out answer of “it’s so hard to choose!” But in truth, it is so hard to choose. Dwindler’s Ridge was the story that got me into the game originally, but these days, I think my favorite pieces of lore are the small stories that you only find in bits and pieces-like the story of Six Coyotes, or the Firebreak Order. The reason these are so special to me is not necessarily because the stories are so amazing (they are totally amazing). It’s because these stories are proof of the time and care Bungie has put into this game. And, to me, that’s really the very best thing about Destiny. Everyone cares. Look at all we have accomplished together because the Destiny community chose to build each other up: Streamers celebrating each other. Podcasters networking. Do I need to even mention GuardianCon? We all care so much about this game, and because of that we have grown to be compassionate toward each other as well.

When Bungie announced that they were not going to have Grimoire in Destiny 2, I will admit I mildly panicked just like most of my lore-minded friends (I just didn’t talk about it on YouTube). I wasn’t really afraid that there wouldn’t be a story-Bungie has shown that they care a lot about the story of this game. As a gamer, I think keeping the lore in the game is awesome; but not having Grimoire to read would certainly make my research work at Ishtar a lot harder. Within about a week, there was an influx of people from the community volunteering to help capture and transcribe missions, quests, and any other lore secrets Bungie hides in Destiny 2.

So my send off to Destiny 1 is this: thank you, Bungie, for making a game worth rallying around. For forging new friendships, and rekindling old ones. For connecting me to people who live across town, across the ocean, and across the world. I’ll see you at The Farm.


Baker/Historian/Guardian/Lead Archivist at the Ishtar Collective